Sprucedell Labradors

Viscount's Pedigree

Sprucedell line

Black Magic Woman Dundy Duke


Light & Shadow’s Calamus

Just Like Ian Woosnam

Searover Singel-Skye

Sparkfield Skye

Searover Jeanne D’Arc

Moorman’s Verona

Haretor Shadow of Drakeshead

Flaxdale Blue-Dun

Towsdields Brenda Walsh

Öbakens Clay

Pocklea Tempest of Drakeshead



Huntingdon’s Pleasing Playboy


Blach Magic Woman Beauty Ability

Franz-Josef aus Luehlsbusch

Gallybob Diplomat

Wishwood Quincey

Gallybob Caraway

Anna von der Femeiche

Lawnwood Wish Me Luck

Milly aus Luehlsbusch

Diana vom Alstätter-Moor

Loresho Love Mission

Mallorn’s Missionary Man

Mallorn’s Jersey Sour

Asta vom Alstätter-Moor

Charway Black Jack

Sunshine Queen’s Cherrish

Cappuccina aus Luehlsbusch

Warringah’s Cobb

Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway

Charway Uncle Tom

Mardas Maritime Man

Ch. Lejie Lucy

Cambremer All That Jazz

Fin.Ch. Charway Sea Badger

Mallorn’s Applesauce

Warringah’s Whortleberry

Warringah’s Harlech

Ch. Charway Ballywill Will

Wetherlam Black  Cherry of Charway

Warringah’s Flinders

Wetherlam Storm of Lawnwood

Lawnwoods Crepe Susette

Nessie aus Luehlsbusch

Southland’s Savvy

Mallorn’s Missionary Man

Am.Ch. Dickendall Arnold

Craneridge Andwella

Mallorn’s Jersey Sour

Cambremer Star Trecker

Mallorn’s April Fool

 Anna von der Femeiche

 Lawnwoods Wish Me Luck

Warringah’s Four and Square

Lawnwoods Spindrifter

Milly aus Luehlsbusch

Charway Sea Beaver

Lawnqoods Camilot

Viscount's Album