Almost 22,000 dogs were entered for Crufts 2014. 2,600 dogs from overseas took part in the Birmingham show. Most of the dogs from the Continent came from France and the Netherlands. The world’s greatest dog event grew in size by 5 percent up on last year. Millions of dog lovers could watch the competition and highlights on Channel 4.

A new team obedience competition took place at Crufts for the first time. All breeds could take part in the activity. The visitors had the opportunity to see what different breeds were able of in competitive obedience.Each team consisted of four dogs and four handlers. The first round  featured exercises in heel work, the second included a Retrieve, a Send to Bed, Stop the Day and Scent over Articles.

Friends for Life was a Crufts competition of the finalists who had been selected for their exceptional loyalty to their owners.  The dog who received the most public votes won the competition. Among the finalists were dogs who helped their handicapped owners to change and save their lives in their own unique and special way.

At Crufts visitors could take the opportunity to meet breed clubs who had stands near their breed rings. Specialists gave you all the advice you needed.

On the stands at Discover Dogs you could meet examples of the breeds and talk to experts.