Humphrey aus Luehlsbusch
17/01/1987 – 23/07/1999

Humphrey aus Luehlsbusch was our first Labrador Retriever. When seeing  him we did not only  fall in love with him but also with the whole breed. He was an outstanding  character, a faithful  companion  and   he  reared all our puppies. He had been the leader of the pack all his life. 
Humphrey   aus   Luehlsbusch  was  one  of  the   excellent   workers  bred  by Dr. Fritz & Dr. Isabella Kraft who have been in labradors for decades. Being  a workaholic  he  did his job under the gun extremely well. He participated successfully in the following  German gundog trials:         

  • Jagdeignungsprüfung (JEP)   
  • Bringleistungsprüfung (BLP) – winner  
  • Jagdgebrauchsprüfung / Retriever  (JGP/R)  
  • Bringtreue (BTR) 
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