When Your Dog Is A Senior
Rupertbear (13)

The average lifespan for a healthy Labrador is between 12 and 14 years. Smaller breeds tend to live longer . A Labrador is considered a veteran at the age of 7.

Mixed age group playing at the seaside

As dogs age, they still need their exercise to benefit their heart, lungs, joints etc. One of the first signs of aging is slowing down. To ensure that your Labrador enjoys good health at his old age, you should keep him interested in and involved with life. A bored dog is often an overweight dog. But extra weight is stress on the health of a veteran.

You can also keep your older dog healthy by getting a younger dog to keep him company, thus giving him a new lease of life. A Labrador who gives his owner so much pleasure and companionship deserves every care and consideration.

Star (6) & Ranger (6 months)

Rupertbear (13) & Chiffchaff (9 months)

To Old Humphrey

With greedy love, and hope, I pray,
That God may defer the day,
When shadow ar my feet will be
Only the ghost that Shall see,
Soothing my mind with memory,
Of field and marsh and forest tree.

Heinz-Werner Witzel, Sprucedell