CH Cornlands Rupertbear
ß2/04/1990 – 17/10/2006
CH Cornlands Rupertbear (13)

German Ch. Cornlands Rupertbear had a lifespan of 16.5 years. He led an eventful life as a dual purpose labrador who was both a successful show dog and working gundog. In his long  life he won a lot of prizes in show and field trial competitions. German  Ch.  Cornlands  Ruperbear  had  a  good  sense  of  humour  and  was  a charming dog who was eager to please. Rupertbear’s positive attitude to life and work made him a role model for his pack. 

Rupertbear (16)

German Ch. Cornlands Rupertbear was bred by Mrs. Peggy Rae whose Cornlands kennel has existed for more than 60 years. In England and in the  world she was highly estimated as a breeder and a judge. Behind German Ch. Cornlands Rupertbear lies a treasure trove of  Cornlands:   many  lines   back    to   Ch. Cornlands  Peter  So Gay,  Ch.  Cornlands Westelm  Flight,  and   Ch.  Cornlands  Kimvalley  Crofter  and  then the lines to Ch. Cornlands My Fair Lady and Ch. Cornlands Blonde Lady.

Rupertbear (13) Chiffchaff (1)

German Ch. Cornlands Rupertbear was instantly recognisable as an East Anglian Poppleton-based yellow who with a number of the  Cornlands earned  the right to be deemed dual-purpose.

Gundog Trials 
  • Jagdeignungsprüfung (JEP)
  • Bringleistungsprüfung(BLP)–winner
  • Jagdgebrauchsprüfung / Retriever (JGP/R) 
  Shows (FCI)
  • 2 Jugend-C.A.C
  • 7 CAC / 5 CAC (Res.)
  • 1CACIB  /  1 CACIB (Res.)

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