German CH Cornlands Rupertbear
02/04/1990 – 17/10/2006

Breeder: Mrs D.P. Rae             KC No 02208904Q02

Richfield Perrier of Cornlands CH Carpenny Chevalier CH Cranspire Receiver CH Canspire Skytrain Cambremer Petrocelli
Poolstead Purpose of Cranspire
Polly's Pride of Genisval SH CH Gewinn Kestel
Heatherbourne Genista
Carpenny Camargue Sandylands Sovereign of Suddie CH Sam of Suddie
SH CH Sandylands Mercy
Sudle Carpenny Veuve Cliquot Lawwoods Hot Cocolate
Highcliff Tessa of Lawnwoods
Stowlodge Questa Wishwood Quincey CH Squire of Ballyduff CH Ballydiff Marketeer
Sparkle of Tuddenham
Wishwood Charlotte Cornlands Jonjersi Tobias
Wishwood Kate
Cornlands Brun Cornlands Aristocrat Oakhouse Glenarem
CH Cornlands My Fair Lady
Wesko Seaspell Ebony Sandpiper
Wesko Dusty Maiden
Lady Starr of Cornlands Cornlands Herb Robert Torway Shimron Threepears Follywood CH Lawnwoods Midnight Folly
ThreePears Woodpie
Theta of Judy Threepears Forester
Criskey Marvel
Cornlands Lady Clover CH Lawnoods Midnight Folly Lawnwoods Fandango
Lawnwoods Starglow
CH Cornlands Blonde Lady CH Squire of Ballyduff
Cornlands Lady Lavender
Toldishall Princess Bella Cornlands Ranfurly Pegasus Redwood Right Again Ranfurly Roywood Royal Tan
SH CH Roywood Right-On-Time
Ranfurly Moonlight Serenade CH Candlemas Rockwood Silver Moonlight
Ranfurly Rhasody
Cornlands Black Cherry Cornlands Diant Man in Black SH CH Balrion King
Diant Myria
Cornlands Halloween Cornlads Aristocrat
Cornlands Willow