German CH Cornlands Continental Star
29/11/1994 – 06/06/2007

Breeder: Mrs D.P. Rae             KC No V0211404V01

Money Spinner For Cornlands CH Trenow Musicman Secret Song of Lawnwood CH Timspring Sirius CH Ballyduff Seaman
Timspring Myrth
Brentville Marianne of Lawnwood SH CH Tidesreach Neptune
Lawnwoods Love in the Mist
Roseacre Madonna of Trenow SH Admargha Mad Hatter CH Sandylands Mark
Hope of Armargha
Roseacre Shell CH Ballyuff Marketeer
CH Roseacre Siani
Zrenow Lady SH CH Lasgarn Laudrup CH Kupros Master Mariner CG Lindall Mastercraft
Kupros Bridgit
Lasgarn Lyric CH Follytower Merrybrook Black Stormer
Admargha My Favorite of Lasgarn
SH CH Trenow Briar Rose Joline Inkling of Follytower SH CH Astonbrook Crusader
Follytower Storming Lass
Trenow Minuet Secret Song of Lawnwood
Roseacre Madonna of Trenow
Cornlands Lady Gemini Richfield Perrier of Cornlands CH Carpenny Chevalier CH Receiver of Cranspire CH Cranspire Skytrain
Poööy's Pride of Genisval
Caepenny Camargue Sandylands Sovereign of Suddie
Carpenny Veuve Cliquot
Stowlodge Questa Wishwood Quincey CH Squire of Ballyduff
Wishwood Charlotte
Cornlands Brun Cornlands Aristocrate
Wesco Seashell
Lady Starr of Cornlands Cornlands Herb Robert Torway Shimron Threepears Follywood
Theta of Judy
Cornlands Lady Clover CH Lawnwoods Midnight Folly
CH Cornlands Blonde Lady
Toldishall Princess Bella Conlands Ranfurly Pegasus Roydwood Right Again Ranfurly
RRanfurly Moon Serenade
Cornlands Black Cherry Cornlands Diant Man in Black
Cornlands Diant Man in Black